Valuing Every Caregiver’s Mind

Valuing Every Caregiver’s Mind

What’s inside the mind of a caregiver? What’s behind the sacrifices they make every day? What’s behind the comforting, scheduling, socializing, transporting, medicating, monitoring, managing, navigating, toileting, dressing, feeding, hydrating, bathing, and grooming? What’s behind their resilience in facing thankless struggles, relentless frustrations, and frequent isolation as their loved ones’ diseases progress? Otsuka knows that within the mind of every caregiver, there is an immeasurable love and an unimaginable strength. To bring to light their unwavering dedication, Otsuka is dedicated to sharing their stories—to valuing the minds of caregivers everywhere.

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Uncover the depths of compassion through the firsthand experiences of caregivers.

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