Valued Minds

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At Otsuka, we hold a deep respect for the value of every mind. We believe that the human mind is infinitely valuable, fostering imagination, intelligence, perception, and so much more. By recognizing this value, we have the power to change the trajectory of people’s lives. This is why we will not rest until mental illnesses are approached with the same priority and urgency as our physical health and recognized as chronic diseases that warrant early, equitable, and accessible intervention. Through products, programs, policies, and advocacy, Otsuka-people will defy any limitation that stands in their way until every mind is valued.


Otsuka Patient Education Network (OPEN)

People with lived experience sharing firsthand perspectives and insights about mental health conditions

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Sozosei Foundation

Working to eliminate the inappropriate use of jails and prisons for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness

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Well Beings

Otsuka is the lead founding sponsor of this public media campaign destigmatizing mental health concerns through storytelling

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Advancing Mental Health Policy Forum

An Otsuka-created annual gathering of policymakers, thought leaders, and experts from across the mental health community

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Society of Valued Minds

Fighting stigma with self-expression to support youth mental health

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Mental health support and community for women, youth, and individuals coming into contact with the justice system

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Treatment Journey Support Solutions

A dedicated support team for our patients, their care partners, and their prescribing team. To report an adverse event or product quality complaint, please call 1-800-438-9927

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Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. (OPAF)

A nonprofit organization providing uninsured and underinsured people with prescribed Otsuka medication free of cost

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Comprehensive Customer Support

Dedicated professionals and enhanced digital offerings providing customer-centric resolution to questions and challenges

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Mental health care professionals dedicated to improving the future of care through information, discussion, and collaboration

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Global Council on Alzheimer’s Disease (GCAD)

Cross-sector summits uniting leaders to meet patients’ needs

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Empowering Otsuka-people to value their minds

As a leader in the mental health space, we are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of mental healthcare offerings to support Otsuka employees:

Sixteen therapy sessions per year, mental health coaching, and digital tools

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Legal, financial, and insurance-related services to help cope with challenges

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Mental health and substance abuse services

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Support for locating in-network behavioral health practitioners

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Trained mental health professionals to help find the right treatment programs

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Guided meditations and more for moms and moms-to-be

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Tools to support physical, emotional, and financial well-being

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