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At Otsuka, we hold a deep respect for the value of every mind. The human mind is inspiring, fostering imagination, intelligence, perception, and so much more. We recognize the inherent value in every mind, and in doing so, we know we can change the trajectory of people’s lives. That's why we will not rest until mental illness is approached with the same priority and urgency as our physical health, and recognized as chronic diseases that warrant early, equitable and accessible intervention. Through products, programs, policies, and advocacy, Otsuka-people persevere every day to defy limitation on behalf of the valuable minds we serve.


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Advancing the Conversation on Behalf of Those We Serve

SoVM, Society of Valued Minds


The Society of Valued Minds was founded on the belief that self-expression and community have the power to change minds. By bringing together creators and mental health advocates to share their creativity and lived experiences, we can shatter stigma, create actionable awareness, and make every mind feel less alone.

Nexus, Neuroscience Experts and Cross-Sector Unconventional Stakeholders


Neuroscience Experts and Cross-Sector Unconventional Stakeholders NEXUS provides mental health support and community for women, youth, and individuals coming into contact with the justice system.

OPEN, Otsuka Patient Education Network


A collection of online resources dedicated to providing firsthand perspectives and insights from those living with certain diseases and disorders. Every individual's health experience can be different. On this website, participants have shared their personal experiences. Individual experiences may vary.

Sozosei Foundation


The Sozosei Foundation is a philanthropic arm of Otsuka. The Foundation’s primary focus is to eliminate the use of jail and prisons for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. In addition to our primary focus on the decriminalization of mental illness, the Sozosei Foundation also supports efforts to build resilient, healthy, and vibrant communities in Stockton, California; City of Baltimore, Maryland; and Camden, Newark, Patterson, and Trenton, New Jersey, and engages in disaster relief and recovery in places where Otsuka has a presence globally.

Well Beings, Mental Health


Otsuka is proud to be the lead founding sponsor of the Well Beings initiative, a public media campaign to create awareness of mental health issues, and demystify and destigmatize mental health concerns through storytelling.

Advancing Mental Health Policy Forum, Mental Health Policy


An Otsuka-created, annual gathering of policymakers, thought leaders and experts from across the mental health community, focused on bringing to light the critical conversation around today’s mental health challenges, and discussing the latest innovations and policy solutions that strengthen access to mental health care.

Supporting Customers

Otsuka Patient Support,Treatment Journey Support


A dedicated support team that is dedicated to those we serve first--our patients, combining resources and tools for patients, their care partners, and their prescribing team. To report an adverse event or product quality complaint, please call 1-800-438-9927.

Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation, OPAF


A nonprofit organization that provides uninsured and underinsured with prescribed Otsuka medication free of cost. In addition to the free Otsuka medication, OPAF offers optional connectivity to external resources that assist with other barriers, free Nature Made® Vitamins, and generic antidepressants to eligible patients. Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. does not control or influence how Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. distributes funds.

Otsuka Connect, Customer-centric Support


A customer-centric support network comprised of dedicated professionals and enhanced digital offerings striving to deliver efficient resolution to questions and challenges.

Connecting Professional Communities

PsychU, Mental Health


PsychU is a community for mental health professionals dedicated to improving care through information, discussion, and collaboration. It is composed of more than 50,000 physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinicians, care managers, nurses, pharmacists, medical directors, payers, administrators, and other mental healthcare professionals.

GCAD, Global Council on Alzheimer’s Disease


Otsuka launched the GCAD collaboration group with a focus on patient-centered care. The community includes leaders and influencers from advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, academics, and leaders from financial institutions. Participants share knowledge and ideas at educational summits as part of an ongoing effort to determine the best ways to work together to meet patients’ needs.

As a leader in the mental health space, we are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of mental healthcare offerings to support Otsuka employees.

Up to 16 therapy sessions per year, mental health coaching, and digital tools and exercises for you and your family

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Legal consultations, identity theft support, and financial services to help you and your family cope during challenges

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Mental health and substance abuse services

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Resources and support to locate in-network behavioral health practitioners and assist with healthcare and insurance-related issues

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Trained mental health professionals to help you find the right treatment programs

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Guided meditations, breathing techniques, get-centered tools, and more for moms and moms-to-be

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Tools to support your physical, emotional, and financial well-being

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