Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Otsuka DEI, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At the heart of our mission – Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide – is a deep-rooted commitment to improving the lives of people of all races, ethnicities, genders, orientations, disabilities, and many other attributes.

Creating an inclusive, equitable today and tomorrow for our people, patients, and communities.

Otsuka people believe that our current and future success is grounded in science and innovations that are fueled by diversity of lived experiences and thoughts. Our inclusive values inspire unique contributions that lead to new products and health solutions – ultimately enabling equity and access to better outcomes for our people, patients, community, and humanity.


Employees & Prospective Employees

From a prospective employee’s first interaction with Otsuka to an employee’s very last day with the company, we are dedicated to ensuring equal opportunity and a sense of belonging and acceptance for all. Inclusive job descriptions, the recruitment of candidates from diverse professional networks, clear pathways for development and promotion, and employee resource groups, are just some of the ways we put these beliefs into practice.

Be One, Black Employee Otsuka Network for Engagement


BeOne is an Otsuka business and employee resource group that serves as an advisor to Otsuka's leadership to ensure meaningful representation by Otsuka’s Black talent across all aspects of Otsuka’s business and philanthropic interests.

Network of Otsuka Women, NOW


We hope to encourage and equip women to continue seeking positions of higher responsibility, enabling more employees to defy limitation, so that others can too. Through networking and educational events, thought provoking content, and certification programs, all Otsuka-people can have the opportunity to enhance their business impact.

The Community WELL, Peer-to-peer mental wellness group


Community WELL is Otsuka's peer-to-peer mental wellness group. It is a place for those with and without a diagnosis to share stories and experiences, build community and connection, and reduce stigma and inspire hope within the Otsuka community.

InspirAsian, Otsuka network


Promotes cultural and heritage awareness of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community and supports the development and advancement of our members and allies in their career journeys. We strive to enhance Otsuka’s vision and diversity initiatives.

Hispanic/Latinx Otsuka Leadership & Advancement,  HOLA


Supports Otsuka in the recruitment and retention of Hispanic/LatinX talent. We provide opportunities for personal and professional development, build relationships, increase awareness and understanding of the variety of our rich cultures, and facilitate development opportunities through networking, workshops, and company events.

Otsuka HOPE logo


Creates an open and inclusive environment where members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ Community feel fully supported and accepted. Through conversation, education, exposure, inquiry, and exchange of ideas, we will increase awareness so that each Otsuka employee can develop an understanding and sense of belonging.

Through partnership, networking, and participation in public and corporate events, we establish Otsuka as a leader in eradicating stigma on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ Community in the workplace.


Overcoming barriers to access to medications and clinical trials is critical to creating an equitable healthcare ecosystem and Otsuka is committed to doing our part to address this need. We are actively working to help patients access support through our Otsuka Patient Support Program and Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation (OPAF), as well as democratize and increase access to our clinical trials.

Otsuka Connect,  Comprehensive Customer-centric Support


A customer-centric support network comprised of dedicated professionals and enhanced digital offerings striving to deliver efficient resolution to questions and challenges.


Supplier Diversity

Otsuka recognizes and greatly benefits from the diverse perspectives, products, and services of women-, LGBTQ+-, veteran-, disability-owned, and other minority-owned, marginalized and/or underrepresented suppliers.

Supplier Diversity Mission Statement

Otsuka will make sourcing decisions based on the best total value offered to supply our requirements for goods and services. Best total value is driven by business needs and financial discipline and is comprised of several components, including total cost of ownership, quality of goods, services performed, supplier’s responsiveness, financial and operational risk, speed or time-to-market, minority/women/veteran/disabled ownership, localized supply, and suppliers’ knowledge of Otsuka.



At Otsuka, we are committed to walking alongside patients and their care partners to identify and invest in innovative solutions that reduce disparities and inequities, and improve their health, well-being and quality of life.  To help advance our mission, Otsuka provides support to qualified 501© (3) non-profit organizations and government entities in the form of foundation grants, corporate contributions and sponsorships, product donations and employee giving and volunteerism, focused on:

  • Reducing Mental Health Prejudice, Stigma and Discrimination
  • Increasing Access to Care
  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health